Chicken Tikka Masala Indian Curry

Are you looking forward to trying something delicious, something that can’t blow your mind? If yes, then you should try Indian curry? Which one, you might ask; well, there are too many. You can grab a curry from a supermarket and pop it in the microwave at home, and enjoy it. However, if you want to eat authentic and tasty curry, you should head to an Indian restaurant in London.

Today, you can find restaurants with dishes influenced by every region of the Indian subcontinent and an authentic collection of fusion cooking inspired by the aromatic spices of the east.

Choosing the Right Indian Restaurant in London

If you want to experience the original taste of Indian cuisine, the microwavable curry from the supermarket isn’t going to cut it. It’s better to choose informed cooking at the hands of a skilled chef. For that, you need to go to the source. Fortunately, London has an abundance of Indian restaurants from all sorts of backgrounds. So you can find the best eatery that will keep you going back for more.

From North Indian lamb curry, classic northern chicken curry, staff chicken curry to Bengali fish curry, you’ll get the best taste explosions ever.

North Indian dishes also offer many mouth-watering veggie-orientated curries, such as flavoured spinach and lentils curry. Vegetarian dishes of Indian restaurants are heavily about flavour. No matter which Indian restaurant you choose, you will get hot and mild dishes. So better prepare to have some fun experimenting with Indian curry.

What to Expect When Trying Indian Curry for the First Time?

If you’re trying Indian curry for the first time, you should order it in a minimal quantity. Also, try both veg and non-veg curry dishes. That’s because you’ll get hang of the spiciness of the curry.

Whether you choose a chicken curry, fish curry, or veg curry, you should eat it with rice or Indian bread.

When it comes to rice, you have the option of Basmati pilau rice, vegetable rice, Biryanis, and any other type of rice. If you are having chicken curry or fish curry, you should go with Basmati pilau rice. And with flavoured spinach and lentils curry, you can go with veg biryanis.

In terms of bread, you have many options, including garlic naan, cheese naan, Peshwari naan, parathas, chapattis, and puree. Non-veg curry goes best with naan. For the veg curry, choose either parathas or chapattis.

Should You Choose Takeaway or Eat-in                                               

Takeaway and eat-in offer considerably different experiences and both have their own benefits.Choose a takeaway when you want to enjoy the dish in private or trying the cuisine for the first time and don’t know how to eat it.

But when you choose to dine-in, you get to taste the dish right after it is prepared. You don’t have to microwave it or wait to get home to taste it. Which option is best for you depends on your mood and where you want to dine.

The Bottom Line

It is not difficult to find mouth-watering veg and non-veg Indian curry, especially in the UK. For the best curry-tasting experience, look for a reputable Indian restaurant in London.